A week ago today 

I went to L. A. Fitness to take a nice dip in the pool. After an hour of swimming, I decided to go inside the jacuzzi. As I was sitting in the hot water an old white man came in and  sat down. I looked at him and wondered how old he was, I wanted to ask I him, but I got scared. Then a black man came into the jacuzzi. We were all quiet, just relaxing in the warm water. I wanted to talk them so bad, so I just said it! I asked the question that I’ve been dying to ask them!! “How old are you guys?” 

(I don’t know their names, so I just identified them as their “race”)

“I’m 83,” says the white man.

“Really? I thought you were 86!” I tell him.

The black man answers, “I’m 70,” he says in a calm way.

“Ohh, you know what, you look your age actually. How old do you guys think I am?”

The black man right away says, “You looked about ten!” 

Me: “What!”

WM: “I think you’re 19.”

Me: “Nope, I’m 18.”

The white man was sitting closer to me and he mentioned that too, so he can see my age. Ha!

We began a conversation about the past wars. The white man is a veteran of the Korean War!! And the black a veteran of the Vietnam War!! It was pretty cool talking to them. We also talked about race and religion and about how people don’t really talk to each other anymore. We are so divided. I’m glad I started up a conversation with them. That was fun. I was afraid to ask them their age because I assumed they thought it would be rude, but they were open and answered honestly. I love old people. 


Dirty Minded

Sex! I don’t know why, but I love to talk about sex. I’m a virgin and I’m planning to wait till marriage, sex is so interesting to me. I want to have it because I’m a sexual human being, but I think I think I can wait. 

Recently, I was thinking about how I might not wait and if there’s a guy that I’m sexually attracted to and he’s attracted to me, I’d definitely do it. So I started doing research on birth control and where the nearest planned parenthood was. I even began to ask my mother questions, she started getting paranoid, so I told her I need to be informed about these things. 

Anyway, there’s nobody I’m sexually attracted to so I won’t be doing the deed anytime soon. But honestly, I don’t want to have sex just to have it (I mean that would be fun, but nah). I feel like it’ll be much better with the man that I love. You know, just connecting on so many levels. 

For now, I just really want to make out with someone. I really do. Haha! The dude I was constantly talking about last summer, he and I only made out twice. Only two times. It should’ve been more lol, but whatevs. I think two was enough, because if we continued, I’m pretty sure we would have eventually effed. OMG! Why am I talking about this. This is too open….whatevs

Anyway, I’m trying to have a clean mind and spirit. I need to focus on God.


Know I told you guys this already, but I’ve been giving away things. Why? I have too much stuff!

I’m trying to be a minimalist, but at the same time I love stuff!! I think I’m a very quirky and eccentric young woman and I want my life to show or I guess represent that. 

How can I do that if I’m trying to be a minimalist?

My family is moving soon and I’m trying to get rid of more stuff. I don’t want to give shit away for free anymore, I want to sell. Ohhh, I know what I’m doing. I don’t want to be a minimalist, I just want to get rid of my old stuff so that I can buy new stuff! Ohh lol 😂 

I’m not trying to be a new person, but I’m trying to live a new life for me. 

I also want to explore different religions. I do believe that spirituality/religion is important at first I was unsure, not anymore. I’m going to continue reading the Bible and talking to God, but I want to explore Buddhism. I’ve always been interested in that religion, I need to do some research on it.


okay much better 👌🏾


I often think of the past. The past two months, the past year, my lifetime. I don’t want to think of the past or future. I just want to be in the present. Because the present is a gift, it truly is. It was given to you by God. You may not like it, but examine it, and be in awe of its intricacies. Don’t throw it away. See, the thing about gifts is that you’re always getting a new one. Every second is a gift. Use it wisely, make the right decisions. 

F. R. I. E. N. D. S.

There are these three girls I know, we worked on projects together in film and always did well. They’re all younger than I am. One is a year younger, another two years, and the last one, four. I miss them a lot. They were like my little sisters. I’m the seventh in a family of eight. My younger brother lives with his mom, so I never had the experience of being an older sibling. I felt like a mom because I was older, but even though we were all different ages we were kind of the same. Innocent and new. We’d go into a room and gossip and just talk about whatever. It was fun and I was always happy with them! The older one and I would sometimes separate from the younger ones and have our “mature” conversations lol. I didn’t think I’d miss them, but I do a lot. I remember my last day of film with them, after class, they kind of ran up to me and gave me a big hug and said, “We’re gonna miss you!” One of them actually called me today and we talked for 2 hours. That made me really happy! 

It’s weird though, I was 100% myself with them, like no bullshit. I’m serious! When I was being silly, it wasn’t my fake silliness, you know, like I didn’t try to be goofy, I just was. I said what was on my mind with them. The youngest one, I always have her hugs. It was fun! I keep saying that, but it was.

I had a friend who thought it was weird that I was cool with freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, but I didn’t so because they’re just regular people. 

I started thinking about my past friendships and I noticed that the friends who were younger than I were always easier to relate to. 

I do have some great friends who are older than I that I relate to, but in a different way.

I do thank God for the friends I have today. I’m thankful for the ones I’ve known since my freshman year and the ones I made my senior. God has blessed me a lot! So now I’m gonna post pictures! I don’t have a lot of friends and pictures, but that’s okay. 😌


My French niggas

Camille, my nigga 

My nigga Naomi from middle school

Ashley, my bro


Rodie, my Haitian nigga

Kayla and Aminat 

My films niggas

Aminat, I met her my first day of freshman year! A1! 

I hate everything

1. I hate beauty
2. I hate social media
3. I hate societal pressure
4. I hate life
5. I hate curveballs
6. I hate being so insecure
7. I hate everything
8. I hate that I don't know what I'm doing with my life
9. I hate that I can't get what I want
10. I hate waiting
11. I hate negativity

I woke up in a neutral mood this morning. Honestly.