Cutting people off 

Snip snip

Well, one person

Cutting my hair

Snip snip

Not all of it

I actually have good friends and it took a certain situation with 2 people to realize it.

I should listen to my siblings more and the friends who actually are a good influence on me. 

Today is Mother’s Day. My mom is enjoying it so far. It’s pretty good for me too.

My mom, my brother, and I went to a mother’s day Haitian banquet. It was nice.

I know it’s bad…

…But I don’t really care about my mother’s opinions or her rules. I’m grounded for something petty. She’s forcing me to read Ellen G. White and forcing all this religious crap on me. Uh-uh hell naw. I believe in God, and I’m a follower of Him. I do my daily devotion. I go to Bible study because I chose to, my mom didn’t force Bible study on me. That was my choice. I do try my best to be a better person, you know. Treat others with kindness and be giving. 

Idk why but my mom thinks I’m this unholy person. 

I got accepted to Columbia College Chicago and I’m probably not going to be able to go because of $$$. So that means I have to stay at home and go to community college. I need my freedom from my mother. She is a weight on my shoulders that I can not get rid of. I do love her, dearly, but she can be a little too much. 

I honestly don’t know what to do.

I’m 17

I am enough

my thoughts

I want to be a little kid again

im going to bleach my hair

A lot of my babyfat is gone

its kinda weird even though im 17 my mom still treats me like im 12

I’m graduating next year

yep you guessed i still have no freedom

17 is such a big number

my therapist is kinda creepy

I started high school yesterday

hes old

I dont want to grow up

i thought he wasnt going to know how to relate to me

I don’t want to apply  for college

hes a good therapist

Everything is happening too fast

ive seen a few of his clients

I want to start my life all over and do the right things

ive seen two they are both black and they are both female

Boys are starting to pay attention to me

idk why i find that funny

 That’s a blessing and a curse

because hes an old white man lol

The Loneliest Interview Ever

(I started writing this 522 days ago on September 30, 2014, I’m going to interview myself again,(idk why) but for now here’s this)

I was in the school library, on the computer, on my blog. 

INTERVIEWS ALEATOIRE: Hannah, why am I so awesome?!

HANNAH LEONARD: I don’t know! I think I can answer that one!

(I laugh)

IA: Wow, I really am funny! So any way back to my questions about myself. What year am I in high school?

HL: Well, I am a sophomore. I started last month.

If anyone was wondering

I’m fine. I’m cool. I’m chill. I got my braces out last Tuesday!  

 Yeah boyyyyy!!!

Next Wednesday I have my first appointment with my therapist, so that’s cool. 

How does one stop thinking too hard about things?

By distracting themselves. I’m just going to start distracting myself with books and Ugly Betty and Colplay. Oooh they’re coming to my city! Yay!!

Speaking of books, that book I read by Sarah Cross Kill Me Softly freaking sucked. It was creative, but very stupid.

I finished That Summer by Sarah Dessen yesterday. Dessen always dares to surprise me. What makes her books great, are the endings. In That Summer, there’s this dude named Sumner throughout the book you think he’s this amazing great guy, but then you figure out he’s an asshole. I really expected a different ending in that book. She’s really amazing, she gives you the opposite of what you expect. Dessen’s books are great, but they are very slow. The good things always happen when the book is about to end. 

I should start on my homework it’s 8 something pm and I have a lot to do.


I’m Back Bitches


Recap of my life:

1.) I think my depression is getting better!

2.) I’m on the honor roll (yassss!!)

3.) I started doubting God and I think I became agnostic for like a month.

4.) I gave a boy that I really like my number!

5.) I decided to have Bible study lessons with my Pastor. (I’m trying to be a follower of Christ instead of a fan*)

6.) I’m reading a book called Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman*

7.) I’m a much better creative writer. I’ll show y’all some pieces one day!

8.) I am slowly becoming confident in myself and I’m starting not to care what others think of me.

9.) I’m back bitches.


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