Cutting people off 

Snip snip

Well, one person

Cutting my hair

Snip snip

Not all of it

I actually have good friends and it took a certain situation with 2 people to realize it.

I should listen to my siblings more and the friends who actually are a good influence on me. 

Today is Mother’s Day. My mom is enjoying it so far. It’s pretty good for me too.

My mom, my brother, and I went to a mother’s day Haitian banquet. It was nice.


My biography Draft 18

On March 23, 1999 a star was born her name is Hannah Michelle Leonard. This is her story. Since the beginning Hannah was always writing. If you look at her mother stretch marks you can see little words. Hannah has been writing ever since she was a little fetus. She would write down the words her mother said to her when she was a baby like: “ohh this baby is too damn heavy!” Or “I have taste for some rum balls right now!”


Why do I give up so easily? I want to be a screenwriter, but I’m going into social work. I want to win an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, a Tony, and maybe an Emmy. I got accepted to Columbia College Chicago last month, I can’t go because of $$$. Can I still be an award winning screenwriter and playwright if I’m going into social work. Will I have time to write or even create art? I don’t mind being a social worker, but I don’t want to become one and forget about art, I don’t want to lose myself. 

I’m turning 18 next month. I’m not ready to grow up.

Draft #6

Mom, chill nothing’s ever that serious.

I’m not sure if this is sexism…but my whole life my parents have been softer on the boys (I kind of understand why, they do have sickle cell disease).

But my mom is just TOO soft on them

My brother, he’s 27, he’s been living with my mom for over a year now. He’s rude and disrespectful he expects people to treat him good while he treats them poorly. He eats all of the food, sometimes I don’t eat anything because he ate it all. He’s super selfish. He plays his music super loud (we live in an apartment building, he doesn’t even care about our neighbors). My mom doesn’t do anything. She does NOTHING!!!!

We live in small two bedroom apartment so there’s and extra bed that my brother sleeps on. Lately, he’s been sleeping in living room. So today my mother asked him why he’s been sleeping in the living room. He told her because of my alarm.

My morning schedule

I set my alarm at 4:50 to let me know that I have 30 minutes le…

*This was a draft I wrote in October. I’m not going to finish it because I don’t feel like it.

I know it’s bad…

…But I don’t really care about my mother’s opinions or her rules. I’m grounded for something petty. She’s forcing me to read Ellen G. White and forcing all this religious crap on me. Uh-uh hell naw. I believe in God, and I’m a follower of Him. I do my daily devotion. I go to Bible study because I chose to, my mom didn’t force Bible study on me. That was my choice. I do try my best to be a better person, you know. Treat others with kindness and be giving. 

Idk why but my mom thinks I’m this unholy person. 

I got accepted to Columbia College Chicago and I’m probably not going to be able to go because of $$$. So that means I have to stay at home and go to community college. I need my freedom from my mother. She is a weight on my shoulders that I can not get rid of. I do love her, dearly, but she can be a little too much. 

I honestly don’t know what to do.

I’m 17

I am enough

my thoughts

I want to be a little kid again

im going to bleach my hair

A lot of my babyfat is gone

its kinda weird even though im 17 my mom still treats me like im 12

I’m graduating next year

yep you guessed i still have no freedom

17 is such a big number

my therapist is kinda creepy

I started high school yesterday

hes old

I dont want to grow up

i thought he wasnt going to know how to relate to me

I don’t want to apply  for college

hes a good therapist

Everything is happening too fast

ive seen a few of his clients

I want to start my life all over and do the right things

ive seen two they are both black and they are both female

Boys are starting to pay attention to me

idk why i find that funny

 That’s a blessing and a curse

because hes an old white man lol

I wish my mom was more understanding and nice.

She’s a bully, and no one notices it. Why? I don’t know. I want to go somewhere far away from here. I don’t ever want to come back. I want to be gone. 

Sorry guys, I’m usually not like this. Like I said in my previous post, I don’t know what’s going on with me.