I’m going 


Then after I have a lot of new growth I’m going 


Then after I finish my pink tube of dye I’m going to go to the salon and dye it


after blue, idk

So I realized the text messages I send to people have no substance. Whatevs. I like to send people random weird shit because I’m bored and I like to laugh at myself. I think that I’m very entertaining. Very very entertaining and it’s sad that some people don’t think so, it really is. 

I wrote this thing it’s not a story–okay let me give context. I have a blog on Medium where I post stories/poems and I wrote this thing that’s not really a story it’s like part of a conversation that should be in a story. Anyway, in my head this girl and her friend are hanging out talking about shit and one friend starts talking about how her boyfriend broke up with her. On the blog I didn’t give context. This is what I wrote:

“He’s like in his whiny voice, ‘It’s okay babe everything is going to be alright.’ Then he frickin breaks up with me! So let me tell you what I did. This is exactly what I did. I punched him in the eye and said, ‘Fuck niggas, get money!’ Then I tell him to get out of my house. So he runs out and I go shopping. Because I don’t need a man!”

My point is that this is really funny to me! I like to read it out loud, it make me laugh hard!



Cutting people off 

Snip snip

Well, one person

Cutting my hair

Snip snip

Not all of it

I actually have good friends and it took a certain situation with 2 people to realize it.

I should listen to my siblings more and the friends who actually are a good influence on me. 

Today is Mother’s Day. My mom is enjoying it so far. It’s pretty good for me too.

My mom, my brother, and I went to a mother’s day Haitian banquet. It was nice.


I wrote this two years ago.
We all have skeletons in our closet. Some people have 100 and some people have one. And…some people have real skeletons. What are skeletons supposed to signify? I think our secrets, things we don’t want people to know. This might sound weird, but don’t you think some people have butterflies in their closet? I might have a butterfly in my closet, but I’m afraid to let it out. If I let out my butterfly, what am I going to do with the leftover skeletons?