Thank You 

Thank you for those who have journeyed with me. I’ve had this blog since my freshman year of high school and now I’m a freshman in college. I learn more and more about myself, life, and people everyday! It is fun! It is exciting! It is new! 

I’m not quite sure if I’ve changed in the past years. Maybe, maybe not. I frankly do not care! Ha!

Continue following me on this journey! And thank you so, so much!

God bless!


Thank God for Teachers

It was Tuesday, January 6, 2015. I just came back from winter vacation. My Geometry teacher, was giving a speech about effort. When teachers give random speeches…I never listen. This time I did, for some reason. This is how it went (well… This is how I remember it): “This semester will be much more difficult. Work hard and study. You can’t just do your work and think you’re going to get an A. You have to put in the effort. When you put in the time and the hard work, that’s when you’ll get a good grade, that’s when you’ll do better. You guys are not stupid. You’re very smart. You…effort…A’s…” (You get the point of the speech, it was actually much longer). Then, the next day my World History teacher said the same speech. I started thinking: wow, my teachers care for me and they want me to do well in school. It’s not only those teachers, but all of them. I really appreciate them. They are very special people. Without teachers, the world will be a lot worse. 

Last week was my last week of school. I can honestly say that I’m going to miss my teachers! I gave them all thank you cards. They truly are the greatest!


3.23.2015 – 3.23.1999 = 16

You guessed it… TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!! Yay! I feel like reaching this age is a great accomplishment. Some people don’t make it to 16. I’m just very thankful and #blessed that I am alive! 

Alright let’s get down to business. Since I’m 16 today I’ll put 16 things I am grateful for!

  1. Food! When I say food I mean real food! Like Haitian, Jamaican, and Soul food!
  2. Family Edit    Edit   
  3. Friends      
  4. The show Glee   
  5. All of my teachers this school year!
  6. The people who actually read my blog.
  7. The summer of 2014, where I met an amazing group of people!  
  8. Fashion
  9. A warm bed!
  10. Days when I don’t have school!
  11. Good looking dudes with beards! I mean not dudes, but men! Ayy! He’s probably thinking: “Hot damn! My beard is nice!”   This guy has a nice nose.
  12. Money
  13. A place to live in, to sleep in, and to study in!
  14. Everything Gods has done for me!
  15. Movies and TV shows!
  16. Best of all ME!