March 30, 2017 Thursday (Journal Entry)

“Dear journal, I hate guys they make you feel so many different emotions without doing anything. Guys are funny. I’m still trying to understand guys and girls. I’m not sure if we are the same. There is a stereotype about girls that we overanalyze everything, we worry too much and all that. But for guys the stereotype is that they don’t care, they don’t notice anything. They don’t try too hard. Do guys ever analyze a text message, a look, a tone? Do they even care? What do females do that hurt them? That brings up so many emotions? I want us to be equal, but I do see these stereotypes at school, with me, in movies, TV shows, celebrities, etc. Are we really the same when it comes to relationships and emotions? Maybe we are, but society has trained men to not express their feelings, to think that women are crazy and over emotional. Men know how to suppress their emotions, they probably do feel the exact way women do they’re just better at hiding it. So some men care, some men don’t. How about women? Can they be like the stereotypical guy? Yes. I have yet to see a woman be that way, I just know there are because we are all the same.”


8.17.15 Friday

“Dear journal, I start school next week. Boo-hoo. This school year I’m trying to be different. I don’t mean like everybody else at school. No way! I’m trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I’m going to work harder in school. Eat healthier be myself. And do things that make me happy. So I have all these quotes and verses on my bedroom wall to help me feel good. I’m trying to be a better Hannah Michelle Leonard. This is going to be a hard road, but I can do it-if I try my best. I’m going to fall, but I’m going to be pick myself up and keep moving forward. No more dwelling on the past. I will turn my past into art.”