Saturday morning. I wake up. I sit up. A revelation has been revealed to me. I scan the room for my phone. I have to tell someone. I have to. There it is! I get up. I grab it. I dial the number. It rings. It rings. It rings. It rings. She doesn't answer. I text her. "Pick up. I need to talk to you!!!!" I call again. She picks up. The information moves from my brain to my mouth gushing out as soon as I hear her voice. I tell her. Feedback is given to me. And this…this feedback for the first time I listen to it and take it into consideration. The conversation mutates. We talk for over an hour. In that hour and a half long moment, I am ascertained. I am loved. Though we are miles apart. States apart. Years apart! I can feel the affection and the care. I, once again, am loved.


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