So much pressure 

Not every black girl has smooth skin!

Some of us have acne and discoloration.

Not every black girl has wide hips and a big ass!

Some of us are straight and narrow.

Not every black person has rhythm!

Some of us clap off beat!

Not every black person listens to hip-hop, R&B, and rap.

Some of us listen to rock, indie, classical, and more genres!

Stop sexualizing everything we do on social media!

Stop pressuring us to be perfect!

Yes, we are frickin magical, but keep the pressure off of us and let us do our thang!


One thought on “So much pressure 

  1. Girl, I love this! I can relate on so many levels, especially the first two lines. I’m a new blogger and I plan on having similar posts, along with music reviews, story times, and whatever I’m in the mood for. Please check out my blog and follow back!

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