Hi I’m David and I’m an asshole.

I met this girl at the beginning of the second semester. Hannah, was her name. Beautiful brown skin, long legs, and a nice smile. Whenever she laughed the darkness in my heart would light up. I got goosebumps whenever I heard her soft voice. She was and is truly amazing.

She sat right in front of me, I was constantly self conscious around her. I thought I was annoying her even though we never spoke.

The first time she turned around to talk to me will always be one of the best days of my life.

Hannah: Do you understand how to do this worksheet?

(We were in Economics. I don’t remember exactly what we were doing, but it had an equation)

I nod my head.

Hannah: Okay cool. Don’t give me the answer, but can you show me how to do number seven?


It was the first Friday in February when I got a text message after school saying:

“Jada gave me your number and I don’t know why, but hello.”

I texted asking who it was, but then Jada told me that it was Hannah.

I was really happy that she texted me. We texted for hours. We talked about music, our identity, and more. It was lovely.

*I ain’t finishing this damn story* 


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