Draft #17 lol

Hi! I’m Hannah. I’m fifteen years old and I am a freshmen in high school. I like to read, write, and watch TV. I always wanted to make a blog, but I didn’t know what to put in the blog. I thought hard. I tried thinking of ideas for a blog. So one day while my sister, Esther was editing her blog called, “I Have Decided To Follow Jesus… or Not”; I started asking her questions like what made you want to make this blog or why did you make this blog. She was getting annoyed and she asked me why I was I asking her these questions. I told her that I’m working on my journalist skills. Then she said something that made me come up with this blog. Esther said “Hannah, you should interview people and put on WordPress.” I got so happy and right then and there I started planning out my interviews and thinking of questions to ask people. I chose the title Interviews Aleatoire (Aleatoire is French for random), because my first title which was Random Interviews. I thought that was too plain, so I Frenched it up! I just really hope you like and enjoy this blog. Also please follow and tell people about this blog. This blog is about me interviewing people I find interesting.


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