Draft #6

Mom, chill nothing’s ever that serious.

I’m not sure if this is sexism…but my whole life my parents have been softer on the boys (I kind of understand why, they do have sickle cell disease).

But my mom is just TOO soft on them

My brother, he’s 27, he’s been living with my mom for over a year now. He’s rude and disrespectful he expects people to treat him good while he treats them poorly. He eats all of the food, sometimes I don’t eat anything because he ate it all. He’s super selfish. He plays his music super loud (we live in an apartment building, he doesn’t even care about our neighbors). My mom doesn’t do anything. She does NOTHING!!!!

We live in small two bedroom apartment so there’s and extra bed that my brother sleeps on. Lately, he’s been sleeping in living room. So today my mother asked him why he’s been sleeping in the living room. He told her because of my alarm.

My morning schedule

I set my alarm at 4:50 to let me know that I have 30 minutes le…

*This was a draft I wrote in October. I’m not going to finish it because I don’t feel like it.


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