I’m 17

I am enough

my thoughts

I want to be a little kid again

im going to bleach my hair

A lot of my babyfat is gone

its kinda weird even though im 17 my mom still treats me like im 12

I’m graduating next year

yep you guessed i still have no freedom

17 is such a big number

my therapist is kinda creepy

I started high school yesterday

hes old

I dont want to grow up

i thought he wasnt going to know how to relate to me

I don’t want to apply  for college

hes a good therapist

Everything is happening too fast

ive seen a few of his clients

I want to start my life all over and do the right things

ive seen two they are both black and they are both female

Boys are starting to pay attention to me

idk why i find that funny

 That’s a blessing and a curse

because hes an old white man lol