Fire – Bruce Springsteen

I’m driving in my car
I turn on the radio
I’m pulling you close
You just say no
You say you don’t like it
But girl I know you’re a liar
‘Cause when we kiss

Late at night
I’m takin’ you home
I say I wanna stay
You say you wanna be alone
You say you don’t love me
Girl you can’t hide your desire
‘Cause when we kiss

You had a hold on me

Right from the start
A grip so tight
I couldn’t tear it apart
My nerves all jumpin’
Actin’ like a fool
Well your kisses they burn
But your heart stays cool

Romeo and Juliet
Samson and Delilah
Baby you can bet
Their love they didn’t deny
Your words say split
But your words they lie
‘Cause when we kiss


8.17.15 Friday

“Dear journal, I start school next week. Boo-hoo. This school year I’m trying to be different. I don’t mean like everybody else at school. No way! I’m trying to live a healthy lifestyle. I’m going to work harder in school. Eat healthier be myself. And do things that make me happy. So I have all these quotes and verses on my bedroom wall to help me feel good. I’m trying to be a better Hannah Michelle Leonard. This is going to be a hard road, but I can do it-if I try my best. I’m going to fall, but I’m going to be pick myself up and keep moving forward. No more dwelling on the past. I will turn my past into art.”

The Loneliest Interview Ever

(I started writing this 522 days ago on September 30, 2014, I’m going to interview myself again,(idk why) but for now here’s this)

I was in the school library, on the computer, on my blog. 

INTERVIEWS ALEATOIRE: Hannah, why am I so awesome?!

HANNAH LEONARD: I don’t know! I think I can answer that one!

(I laugh)

IA: Wow, I really am funny! So any way back to my questions about myself. What year am I in high school?

HL: Well, I am a sophomore. I started last month.

Call me a hater idgaf

I do not like Kristen Stewart as an actress at all. I’m sure she’s a very nice person, but her acting is just really really bad. I know I’m not the only one who noticed this. When I’m older I want to make money for something I’m actually good at. It’s just really irritating that she’s one of the highest paid actresses, and she can’t even act! Ugh! Idk why, but this makes me really mad. It’s not fair. She needs to go to acting school or something. Ugh! Okay so I’ve watched interviews with Kristen Stewart, and I noticed that she’s a very awkward person, that’s not problem because I’m awkward too. She also has these habits: like biting her lip all the time, sucking in her breath, she does like these weird body movements, she also talks like what she’s saying doesn’t make sense even though it does. These habits aren’t a problem, but they are a problem when she’s acting. Those habits are supposed to go away when she’s acting. She’s supposed to be the character, not Kristen. I understand that actors can add whatever to their character, but her habits don’t add flavor to whatever character she is portraying. I really hope that Kristen get better at acting, I know she will. Kristen I hope you read this. 

All right that was my rant. I just really needed to get that out!