If anyone was wondering

I’m fine. I’m cool. I’m chill. I got my braces out last Tuesday!  

 Yeah boyyyyy!!!

Next Wednesday I have my first appointment with my therapist, so that’s cool. 

How does one stop thinking too hard about things?

By distracting themselves. I’m just going to start distracting myself with books and Ugly Betty and Colplay. Oooh they’re coming to my city! Yay!!

Speaking of books, that book I read by Sarah Cross Kill Me Softly freaking sucked. It was creative, but very stupid.

I finished That Summer by Sarah Dessen yesterday. Dessen always dares to surprise me. What makes her books great, are the endings. In That Summer, there’s this dude named Sumner throughout the book you think he’s this amazing great guy, but then you figure out he’s an asshole. I really expected a different ending in that book. She’s really amazing, she gives you the opposite of what you expect. Dessen’s books are great, but they are very slow. The good things always happen when the book is about to end. 

I should start on my homework it’s 8 something pm and I have a lot to do.



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