3.23.2015 – 3.23.1999 = 16

You guessed it… TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!! Yay! I feel like reaching this age is a great accomplishment. Some people don’t make it to 16. I’m just very thankful and #blessed that I am alive! 

Alright let’s get down to business. Since I’m 16 today I’ll put 16 things I am grateful for!

  1. Food! When I say food I mean real food! Like Haitian, Jamaican, and Soul food!
  2. Family Edit    Edit   
  3. Friends      
  4. The show Glee   
  5. All of my teachers this school year!
  6. The people who actually read my blog.
  7. The summer of 2014, where I met an amazing group of people!  
  8. Fashion
  9. A warm bed!
  10. Days when I don’t have school!
  11. Good looking dudes with beards! I mean not dudes, but men! Ayy! He’s probably thinking: “Hot damn! My beard is nice!”   This guy has a nice nose.
  12. Money
  13. A place to live in, to sleep in, and to study in!
  14. Everything Gods has done for me!
  15. Movies and TV shows!
  16. Best of all ME!   

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