3.23.2015 – 3.23.1999 = 16

You guessed it… TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!! Yay! I feel like reaching this age is a great accomplishment. Some people don’t make it to 16. I’m just very thankful and #blessed that I am alive! 

Alright let’s get down to business. Since I’m 16 today I’ll put 16 things I am grateful for!

  1. Food! When I say food I mean real food! Like Haitian, Jamaican, and Soul food!
  2. Family Edit    Edit   
  3. Friends      
  4. The show Glee   
  5. All of my teachers this school year!
  6. The people who actually read my blog.
  7. The summer of 2014, where I met an amazing group of people!  
  8. Fashion
  9. A warm bed!
  10. Days when I don’t have school!
  11. Good looking dudes with beards! I mean not dudes, but men! Ayy! He’s probably thinking: “Hot damn! My beard is nice!”   This guy has a nice nose.
  12. Money
  13. A place to live in, to sleep in, and to study in!
  14. Everything Gods has done for me!
  15. Movies and TV shows!
  16. Best of all ME!   


*names have been changed.

So recently I just got over a crush. My ex crush name is Adam. I met him in my Geometry class at the beginning of the school year. We sat right across from each other. Also I came back from this summer program, and I became nice and social. I usually never start conversations. This is how we met:

ME: Hello! I like your backpack! (smiling)

(ADAM had a brown leather book bag)

ADAM: Thanks, my mom got it for me…

ME: Oh. Cool. (I nod my head and it got awkward)

As time went on we interacted with each other either about math homework or small talk. Geometry was one of my coldest classes, so I always wore sweaters.

ADAM: You wear sweaters a lot.

ME: (chuckles) Oh.

ADAM: Yeah, do have like a closet full of sweaters?

ME: Um, no. (laughs)

I started developing a crush on Adam. It wasn’t big just small. Then when my math teacher moved our seats, my crush became bigger…

In January, people started getting ready for the second school dance. It was called Turnabout. The girl would ask the guy. I decided I would ask Adam. I was telling my friends and stuff. I was too excited and scared. I was scared because I was afraid of what he was going to say. My friends kept telling me that the worst he can say was no. I understood that, but Adam he was kind of on the rude side. (When I first met him, he was chill and nice. Then, I guess once he got comfortable with people he showed his mean side. He was never mean to me though. I just had to put that out there). Long story short, I didn’t ask him. I ended up not going to Turnabout. I didn’t want to go with friends because I know I would be third wheeling, and that’s not cool. But this is not about Turnabout, this is about my ex crush. So anyway after Turnabout happened I kind of stopped liking him. I actually didn’t want to like him anymore.

With the help of himself, it was easy to get over him. I figured out how irritating and mean he was. He would just yell at this boy and be mean to him for no reason. I wanted to tell Adam to shut the hell up. (But I’m not that type of person, I’m too classy to say that). He would get so angry and do stupid crap.

I don’t know why I wanted to tell you guys this…

BUT THANK GOD I’M OVER HIM!!!!!!! I’m so glad I didn’t ask him to Turnabout.