I Hate School!

School has taken over my life! I don’t even want to get today started! I have so much homework and it’s only from 3 classes: World History, Geometry, and Chemistry. Ugh, I can’t do this. Why do I need to know Math and Chemistry? What’s the importance of it. I won’t be using Math at all when I get a job. Maybe Chemistry and History. I can’t wait till I’m 65. I’m going to retire and live in a house with my husband and sleep all day! That’s in 49 years… I guess I’ll have to be patient. Right now I’m procrastinating. If I start now, I’ll get it done early. There’s this little voice in my head saying: “Don’t do it today, do it in the morning. Your teachers won’t mind if you turn it in late” Oh crap, I just remembered I have Drivers Ed homework!!!! Why? Why is this happening to me. I literally hate life right now. I need to stop procrastinating and just start right now.


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