The day was dreary as I walked home from school. The trees were down, the sidewalk was damp, and the sky was cloudy. It had rained earlier, hence the dreariness. While I was walking home, I put my headphones on, turned on my iPod, and listened to the song “Church Bells” by Gungor. The trees looked gorgeous beside the sidewalk. So I sat down in the meditation position and sang the lyrics to the song. I heard cars pass by and I could feel the cool air brush past my face. I felt very peaceful at that sidewalk.
I’m pretty sure I got some dirty looks. But honestly I don’t give a care in the world.

Sometimes it’s good to meditate. It makes you feel free and calm. Usually when I meditate, I like to lie on the grass and close my eyes. I listen to everything that’s going on around me. When I do that I fall asleep or my mind wanders and I think about the present, which I don’t often think about. Meditating gives you a peace of mind. Gosh, I just love to mediate.
There are so many different ways to meditate. Some people pray to God or whatever they believe in and that gives them peace. There’s lots of different ways, I can’t really think of any other ways right now, so yeah…
Anyway, you should try meditating.

Comment and tell me how you meditate. Also like and tell other people about my blog!

Ps. If you don’t understand what I was talking about, just comment! Thank you!


2 thoughts on “Meditation

  1. Meditation for me is when i take a deep breath and i become aware that i am in the presence of an Eternal God, a God that has never lost faith in me.
    I like to meditate in nature, because i love the natural sounds and the smell of earth and trees. At times i also like to do like you Hannah, and i plug my music in, soothing music brings me into a state of serenity while i take deep breaths and begin a friendly dialogue with Jesus. I really like listening to Gungor’s music, he is very inspiring to me.
    I think its great that you dared to get on a position of meditation off by the side of the road. It takes courage to do that. I remember one time Josh and I knelt down to pray on the sidewalk, cars passed us and it felt interesting and liberating to be so open and so transparent, not caring on what they would think, simply caring about showing reverence to my God.

    I love your blog, please continue to write about the important things in Hannah’s life =), and may your life be an inspiration anyone that reads your blog.

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