So I am really against violence. I do not like it at all. As a matter of fact, I hate it.
I have watched many videos of celebrities talking about violence and how it needs to stop. Just because you are a celebrity, a person isn’t going to just drop their gun, knife, fist, or whatever killing material in their hand and say: “I am done killing and punching people.” (But, I’m not gonna lie, if one of my favorite actors–*cough* Tom Hiddleston *cough* *cough*–made a video saying how violence needs to stop. I would surely listen.) We are surrounded by violence. It is on TV for goodness sake! Not only TV but it is also in music and in books. If you really want to get rid of violence get it off of the media and books. That encourages people, it gives them ideas. For example, crime scene shows. I am not saying stop watching TV or listening to music. But what I am saying is if you really hate violence you can not just say, you have to actually DO. People don’t like to be told what to do.
Also you have to practice what you preach. I am pretty sure if violence is on the media less, there would be less fights and murders.

Oh yeah, I am also not saying that violence is in every book, movie, TV show, etc.

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The day was dreary as I walked home from school. The trees were down, the sidewalk was damp, and the sky was cloudy. It had rained earlier, hence the dreariness. While I was walking home, I put my headphones on, turned on my iPod, and listened to the song “Church Bells” by Gungor. The trees looked gorgeous beside the sidewalk. So I sat down in the meditation position and sang the lyrics to the song. I heard cars pass by and I could feel the cool air brush past my face. I felt very peaceful at that sidewalk.
I’m pretty sure I got some dirty looks. But honestly I don’t give a care in the world.

Sometimes it’s good to meditate. It makes you feel free and calm. Usually when I meditate, I like to lie on the grass and close my eyes. I listen to everything that’s going on around me. When I do that I fall asleep or my mind wanders and I think about the present, which I don’t often think about. Meditating gives you a peace of mind. Gosh, I just love to mediate.
There are so many different ways to meditate. Some people pray to God or whatever they believe in and that gives them peace. There’s lots of different ways, I can’t really think of any other ways right now, so yeah…
Anyway, you should try meditating.

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It’s hard being a teenager. Actually, it’s hard being in high school. You try your
best to fit in, but you never can. Well, for some people it’s easy to fit in. It’s weird, because people accept people who are different. But when you try to be yourself, which is different, they don’t accept you. Then you try to be like everybody else, but it still does not work. Yeah, high school confuses me. I just don’t understand, how does a person get that person who gets them? You know? Maybe I’m thinking too hard. Yeah, that is exactly what I’m doing.