Acceptance, a lot of acceptance

Let me just warn you before you read this: the words accept, accepted, acceptance, and belong is used a lot because I do not have good vocabulary.

The other day I was thinking about acceptance and how people always want to be accepted. I was wondering WHY people want to be accepted. Then, I started thinking, if we want to be accepted, we have to accept ourselves, we have to accept our flaws and everything about us. We humans want to belong to something. But why? Why do we want to be accepted or belong to something? I really want to know why. Actually I don’t need to know why, but I want to. I’m really confusing myself. Am I confusing you, I hope not, reader. Actually I do know why we want to be accepted, because we can finally be ourselves. For example, I’m weird and I accept that, but I don’t feel accepted because I am weird. You know? I want to be around people who accept my weirdness and won’t judge me because I’m weird. Is this confusing? Actually scratch that! I don’t accept my weirdness, because if I did, I would not feel the need to be accepted. So right now I’m accepting my weirdness! I don’t care if people don’t like it, because I’m awesome and weird!

If you are confused, please comment. If you are not please comment. Just please comment and like! Thank you!


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