This is Tiffani
This is Tiffani

May 22, 2014 I had my second interview with a girl named Tiffani. She is fifteen years old going on sixteen in June. We both go to the same high school and she is in my Theatre class with me; Tiffani is a sophomore. When I first asked if I can interview her she asked me why, I answered and said “Uh … um … I just find you interesting…” and she was like okay cool! I was very anxious to interview her, because my questions were kind of … nosy.  When I got up this morning I thought to myself today is the day I’m going to interview Tiffani, so I took my Ipod, my pen, and my notebook and put it in my book bag. I was ready to interview.

We were both in the school library and sat down on hard uncomfortable  chairs. Tiffani was wearing a striped maxi dress.

INTERVIEWS ALEATOIRE: I heard you are a lesbian. How did you become one? Were you always attracted to females or did you all of a sudden start being attracted to females?

TIFFANI: Well, it’s not like I become one, like I always like girls and stuff, but like sometimes like it’s how you feel. It’s all about how you feel about somebody it’s not about if your attracted to them — like personality wise. Like I wouldn’t want to judge somebody on how they look or personality, you know. So I like some boys and I like some girls, but I lean more towards girls

INTERVIEWS ALEATOIRE: Did you come out to your parents? If so, what was their reaction? Did they treat you the same or differently?

TIFFANI: Yeah, I think I told my mama when I was in eighth grade. Well, she found out…yeah… Long story… Yeah she found out and she still loves me.

INTERVIEWS ALEATOIRE: How did she find out?

TIFFANI: Oh, she looked at my phone. (Her mom saw some her texts messages that’s how she found out).

INTERVIEWS ALEATOIRE: Do you feel accepted?

TIFFANI: Yeah! I don’t care who don’t accept me, they can kiss my ass.

INTERVIEWS ALEATOIRE: When people find out that you are homosexual, do they treat you differently?

TIFFANI: It depends on who the people are. Like my friends know they don’t care, ’cause most of my friends are the same way I am, and then other people — I don’t really give a fuck who don’t like it. Don’t talk to me, don’t hang out with me, ’cause at the end of the day you don’t control my life.

INTERVIEWS ALEATOIRE: Do you have a girlfriend?


INTERVIEWS ALEATOIRE: Are you sometimes at all attracted to some men?

TIFFANI: Yes, yes I do.

INTERVIEWS ALEATOIRE: I know you said lean more towards women. Is there times you find like a hot male superstar or something?

TIFFANI: Hell yeah! Hell… yeah… They be ooh! They make me feel some type a way! (laughs)



My Very First Interview with Naomi Leonard

It was April 27, 2014 a very dreary Sunday when I interviewed my sister, Naomi Leonard. She was wearing a green sweater, blue jeans, and dark green flats. We were both sitting very comfortably on a couch when I interviewed her. Naomi is 17 and a senior in high school.

INTERVIEWS ALEATOIRE: Prom is coming up, you’re about to graduate, and you are a senior. Are you excited?

NAOMI LEONARD: Yeah, I’m excited! I’m kinda anxious though, about school, going to college. ‘Cause this will be my first time away from my family and being the new kid so — but I’m excited to go to college and get out of high school.

INTERVIEWS ALEATORIE: Are you ready for college?

NAOMI LEONARD: Yeah, I think I’m ready for college. I’m ready to graduate, I’m ready to begin a new experience and yeah.

IA: Are you scared?

NL: Like I said, I am kinda nervous, but I know this experience will help me to become a better person, mature me, and make me more independent. So, I’m ready for it.

IA: What college are you going to and tell me about it?

NL: Well, the college that I’m going to is a private Seventh-Day Adventist institution it is called Southern Adventist University and it’s only a three thousand students, but I think it’s gonna be a good setting. It’s not as huge as like public universities. I think it’ll have a more homey feeling and yeah.

IA: Do you think Southern is going to help you have a better relationship with God?

NA: I believe so, like when I visited it, it seems like you know, being a Christian and having a relationship with God is a very important part in Southern; like they see it as very important, you know worshiping God and having a good relationship with Him. So, that was one of the reasons why I picked Southern. ‘Cause if I — I think if I go to a public school I wouldn’t be as close with God, I think Southern will allow me to have a closer relationship with God and being more comfortable saying that I am a Christian.

IA: What are you going to school for?

NA: Well, currently I’m gonna major in Biomedical Sciences for premed, but, um, it might change. Just hope that if I change it, I change it freshmen year.

She actually answered my next question which was: Will you major ever change? So she went on to say.

NA: Yeah, well I just hope — like — like what I said I don’t want to change my major in the middle of like my four years in college ’cause I don’t wanna have so much debt. So, I pray that if I change my major it’ll be freshmen year.


Naomi Leonard
Naomi Leonard